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Every Law Passed Violates Somebody’s Rights


Government implements changes with the intention of doing good but it always results in harmful consequences for someone.

Take for example the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday. Pubs, which are already struggling under the burden of exceptionally high taxes for alcohol, lose a valuable day of business for no good reason. Why should the religious preferences of the majority infringe on the ability of the minority to earn a living?

The smoking ban is another example of the government doing harm to a minority for “The Greater Good”. On face value the ban appears to be beneficial. However it is more menacing than it seems. This legislation prevents businesses from providing a service people want.

The government is sticking its nose in places it does not belong; it has no place telling you what time and what day you can buy alcohol, and it has no say in whether you can open a business you can smoke in. These are only two examples of the government meddling in people’s lives for no good reason, however there are thousands of more examples if you look hard enough.

Whenever you hear the government announce a new piece of legislation that is for the “benefit of everyone” think about who is definitely not benefiting from it. I guarantee there is at least one person who the government is infringing on every time.


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